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Shaary Mann - Motor

I can say it is a thumb rule that everyone belonging to this generation of Punjab is a defacto Sharry Mann fan. And this is simply because of his works of early times belonging to his first, second and third albums (Yaar Anmulle, Aate Di Chidi and Meri Bebe). Every song had a special folk touch to it and the reason was Sharry Mann wrote his own songs. Despite being massive hits, the songs had a fragrance of Punjab to it. But in last few years Sharry Mann started releasing singles. It was a good thing for his fans who now would not have to wait for years to listen to his new songs. But he also started singing songs written by other lyricists. I am not saying it is a bad thing (he is an established star and is helping new talent to gain ground), but somewhere down the line, his songs became commercialized. The lyrics were mostly about daroo (alcohol) and gediyan etc. The special touch which was there in his early work was lost.

Despite that, every song/single of his released in past 2-3 years has been a monstrous hit. I am not saying I don't like his singles; but every time he releases a new single I check out the lyricist of the song (which most of the times ain't him nowadays) and this makes me a bit disappointed in him. To be honest, I am bored of him singing commercial DJ songs again and again. I know he is an artist and has to earn money, but I also know I ain't the only one who wants Sharry Mann to sing his own songs; those songs with folk touch and meaningful lyrics which instill a sense of happiness in us every time we listen to them (be it Aate di Chidi, Chandigarh Waliye Ni, Yaar Anmulle, Meri Bebe, Meri Zindagi Bana Ja, College Wali GT Road and many more).

But recently Sharry Mann released a video of him singing a song titled Motor at his newly launched Youtube channel (which by the way reminds me of songs from Aate Di Chidi album). Sharry Mann surprisingly acknowledged the issue I detailed above and vowed to release songs for his hardcore fans who have been left longing for such songs in past few years. 

Today the song was released on iTunes. And I have to say this song is special, just like his old works from his albums. The reason is the lyrics of this song. Very few lyricists today can match the poetry of Sharry Mann. It feels like Sharry Mann has released a song after a decade. I have been listening to this song for last two hours on repeat and I ain't planning on changing the song anytime soon (Massa massa ta chajj da gaana aaya ;) ).

The whole point of writing this blog post is that I am truly happy that Sharry Mann released this song. I just hope that more of such songs will be released by Sharry Mann and I am sure he has plenty of such good stuff/lyrics written in his notes/diary.

Take my word for this song and go purchase it (or stream it) for the very single reason to make this song a hit and to let Sharry Mann know that even today people of Punjab prefer listening to good lyrics.


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